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Congratulations Buffalo School District Residents

What a month it has been! I believe an engaged community is key for student success. This month we came together for a stronger education in Buffalo. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. Our children don’t have party affiliations. It’s about results for kids. We stood together for the youngest generation – the future of Oklahoma. I am very proud of the commitment we have made for children.

We are still reaping the benefits from the 1961 school bond for the gymnasium. These improvements passed in 2015 will assist children for decades to come. For that I tip my hat to a great community and say a hearty “Thank You”.

Martin Adams, Superintendent


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For more information on the projects that will be undertaken thanks to the "Yes" vote at the School Improvement Bond Election, please click on the link above.

Thank You!


Monday, April 13
*Slow Pitch (H) Fargo/Gage 4:30 1JH, 2HS
*JH & Elm Track @ Laverne

Tuesday, April 14
*HS Baseball @ Mooreland 4:30
*Slow Pitch @ Woodward 4:30
(HS only)
* English II BC 8am Test 9am

Wednesday, April 15
*Sr. Mgt.
*Harper Co. Groundwater
Screening 8am – 1 pm HS Sci.
*8TH Science test 8am
* G/T SAILS Activity in
Mrs. Alley’s Room 3-3:30pm

Thursday, April 16
*JH Baseball @Shattuck 4:30
*Arnett HS Slow Pitch Tourney
*Geometry BC 8am Test 9am

Friday, April 17
*No Vo – Tech
*HS Baseball (H) Turpin 4pm
*Arnett HS Slow Pitch Tourney
*No PK Class
*PK – Pre-Enrollment 8am-3pm
*Track @ Laverne

Saturday, April 18
*Arnett HS Slow Pitch Tourney




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